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iClean Express primarily provides janitorial services throughout the Greater Bay Area. Some of our customers with multiple locations have asked us to clean more locations.

iClean Express provides janitorial services to a broad range of facilities and industries. Our services are provided to single office locations, as well as, large multi-story facilities. An example of the type of facilities and various industries we represent are as follows:

1427368212_mop_container__Commercial Office Facilities
1427368212_mop_container__Multi-Tenant Commercial Facilities
1427368212_mop_container__Property Management Companies
1427368212_mop_container__Real Estate Offices
1427368212_mop_container__Credit Unions
1427368212_mop_container__Banks & Financial Institutions
1427368212_mop_container__Veterinarian Offices and Hospitals
1427368212_mop_container__Medical/Health Care and Dental Offices
1427368212_mop_container__Churches and Adjoining Facilities
1427368212_mop_container__Schools and Day Care Facilities
1427368212_mop_container__Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
1427368212_mop_container__Customers with Multiple Locations

In addition to our janitorial services, iClean Express offers a variety of maintenance services to maintain and improve the appearance of your facility. The services include:

1427368212_mop_container__Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning
1427368212_mop_container__Hard Surface Floor Maintenance (Strip & Wax, Spray Buffing, Burnishing…)
1427368212_mop_container__Window Cleaning
1427368212_mop_container__Order and Stock Supplies (Restrooms & Misc.)


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Insurance and Bonding

iClean Express is fully Licensed, Insured, and Bonded